"I went to the hospital to see the room you installed and it was absolutely beautiful! You really feel completely immersed in an enchanted forest. You and your team did a wonderful job. The kids absolutely love the room and it makes a world of difference in their care."

"Things are great here at CHP in the Enchanted Forest! That room has had so much foot traffic, almost every day someone from a different department is coming up to see it. Everyone is getting ideas, and of course, I tell everyone about your team! The kids are amazed when they walk through the door and the parents absolutely love it!"

"Love it???? What's not to love? They ADORE it! Some of them walk in the door and stop dead in their tracks, just looking around trying to absorb everything. And the parents seem to like it even more than their kids! Word of mouth has spread and we have had so many visitors who have asked to see the room I can't even begin to estimate their numbers. It is truly an amazing thing you and your staff have done. It has made such a difference to the kids on our unit!"

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